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April Showers…

Bring May Flowers right?! We can only hope since this April has been VERY rainy and gloomy. Let’s spring you into a great positive mood with some of our amazing guests this month:

April 23rd: We welcome back Actor and Filmmaker Kyle Samples to hear more about his incredible web series

April 30th: Dr Charlene Brannon discusses the amazing: MIRAI CLINICAL | The Scent of Youth: Japan (March 24, 2014) – Mirai Clinical is introducing recent Japanese personal hygiene advances to the American market. It is common knowledge that an unpleasant odor is frequently noticed in nursing homes. This odor, sometimes referred to as “aging odor” or “old people smell”, has been incorrectly attributed to improper facilities cleaning, or incontinence and other ailments of the patients. The problem is particularly irksome in Japan, which has a culture of cleanliness. The minerals and water from our sweat are a fertile environment for bacterial growth, which is the source of traditional body odor noticed when we do not bathe adequately. Separately, the lipid acids we secrete “oxidize” with oxygen in the air, and transform into a different compound, which produces it’s own odor. The researchers who discovered the phenomenon named the stale smelling compound “Nonenal (no-nay-nal)”.

ABOUT MIRAI CLINICAL: Mirai Clinical Executive and Product Management is an International team comprised of experienced skin care and medical professionals from Japan and the U.S. Their mission is to develop the most ground-breaking, naturally safe and exceptionally effective products for body care and skin health. Mirai, which means “the future” or “new beginning,” issymbolic of this mission in introducing breakthrough, innovative skin care technology based on science and nature.Mirai Clinical Website: http://www.MiraiClinical.com


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