Diverse Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday's at 9PM EST.

The Show

The Diamond B. Experience began on November 9, 2011…& the rest is HISTORY….

The Diamond B. Experience gives platforms to listeners who enjoy the topics of fashion, music, entertainment, and news stories. The show airs every Wednesday at 9PM EST-10PM EST. The show is diverse and we welcome anyone and everyone who is looking to promote something.

Audience can view the show at www.blogtalkradio.com/diamondbshow or call in at 347 884 8542.

Past guests have included:

Reality TV Stars: VH1’s Couple’s Therapy Therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, Jerseylicious Star & Model Brittany Connors

Models: Ashess Couture, Valentino Model Margaret Luce

Musicians: DarkSkin, JC, Mike Forrest, Dre Dod, DaveChildz (www.davechildz.com), Joey B., Soleil Laurent

Actors/Actresses: Comedian Wife Mechelle Epps, Voice Over Milton Lawrence, Activist Robin Goings, Kim Kopf, Pamela Bowen

Bloggers: SingleGalNYC.com Melissa Braverman, Krystle Jones, Penny Peroud, Hollywoodtattletale.com Porsche Simpson

Comedians: Ginger Ninja, Sofia Gonzalez, Phil Galinsky

Relationships: Dating & Image Coach Rachel Russo (www.statusmakeover.com), Coach Kognit Farrell

Pageant Queens: Debbie & Sasha Hill, Miss Black USA Oceila Gibson, Miss Japan Sayo Haraishi

Psychic: Dawn Mahulawde (www.optukalillusion.com), Medium Rick Hayes (www.lifesgift.com), Astrologer Ray Sette (www.astrolgerray.com)

Fashion: Christian Mar

Hosts: LATalkRadio & Chef Max Tucci, Animal Activist Jennifer Bailey

Authors: Johnny Walker

Entrepreneurs: 3six5dates.com founder Shelli Trung, JessCares founder Jessica Ordeana, Floral Designer Mila Belice, PrettyPearBride Magazine Founder Shafonne Myers

Olympic Winner: Tony Volpetest

Music Related: Choreographer Codie Wiggins, Shaina Phillips HiHatProductions, Producer Alan Jones

Others: YoungHipChic, Mr. Wire/Bill Bixby, Hip Hop Historian Sean XLG Mitchell, JM Hayes


For public relations inquiries, guests, business opportunites, & all other inquiries please contact Alli Russo at aljoelru@hotmail.com. Follow her on Twitter @allix3russo.


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